Personal Projects

A little bit of everything

2008 - 2018

In my spare time, I like to do a few experiments in terms of design. Anything ranging from my favorite hobbies, activities, and my kids. Here are a few projects I've worked on. Below, you'll find an exploration for an app I designed to control my (former) car's interface and maintenance.


Car Series

I've always been a big fan of cars. So I decided to make a few digital illustrations of my two favorite cars: Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro.


My Kids

Henry and Emma are my two kids. I was working through designing a website for each of them. And when my son played t-ball, we received some baseball cards. Unfortunately, they weren't up to my standard, so I made some of my own and got them printed out.



I worked with a former colleague of mine to design a landing page and some assets for a Google Home application. It's called VoiceCoin, and it would allow people to mine for digital currency using their in-home devices.