Product Design (UX, UI, Interaction), Curriculum, Video

2013 - 2016

During my tenure at Bloc, I was the original creator of the content for the UX/UI design programs. I wrote content and produced videos for online tutorials. I also hired the first set of 50 mentors around the world and managed their performance. As part of the curriculum team, I was also tasked with designing new initiatives such as Workshop, which was a Codecademy-like platform to learn coding.

Online Tutorials

As part of Bloc's marketing efforts, I was tasked with creating a Udemy course on how to use Webflow. My current student count is up to nearly 10,500 students. I created about 1.5 hours worth of video content for students to follow along with, and designed and developed the landing page for students to access it.

Curriculum Development

As a curriculum developer, I was in charge of providing video tutorials and text content to students within the UX/UI design programs. To learn about mobile application design, I had designed the following two applications for students to follow along with.