Product Design (UX, UI, Design System) + Front-End Development


CargoLoop is a logistics platform for cars that have been purchased by overseas dealerships and need to be shipped from the US to their respective countries. It's an internal application for a client based in Carmel, Indiana. They have several ports around the US that they interact with to determine when, where and how to ship cars and other items to the buyers.

New Application Structure

The existing application works well for those who had been engrained in using it for many years, however, they've found that turnover had caused a huge learning curve in using the application and required weeks of training. I worked with their team and the people internally using the platform to determine their struggles and goals. Much like Datasplash, the biggest challenge was navigation. They were finding difficulty when diving too far deep into the platform and not realizing where they had ended up. We worked collaboratively to really restructure the overall flow and sitemap of the application to bring more important items to the forefront, and cause less confusion and chaos when diving deeper into areas that the users needed to access.

The Challenges

The one difficulty with the project was the amount of information the business owners felt was necessary to display on all of the pages. I worked with them to determine how to limit and reduce the cognitive load on the users, but in the end, they had felt they needed to display more rather than less. I came up with a plan to allow for users to customize their views due to the feedback received from the users, and they're in the process of implementing that feature into the application. Below is a view of the pricing sheet for determining the cost to transport vehicles.

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