Case Study

Zest Health
Empowering its members to be smarter with a refreshing consumer-centric approach to healthcare

Healthcare costs are out of control and consumers are bearing the burden in the form of higher premiums and deductibles. Members access the Zest Health platform through mobile apps.

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Project Brief

I originally was contacted to work with Zest Health before it received funding from Lightbank in Chicago. I was brought back in to redesign its web site and work on its applications for web and mobile. With a color scheme and general style guide provided, I worked with the VP of Product to reconfigure the marketing site, and develop the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Site & Application Designs

Using a pre-existing design style guide, I worked alongside the VP of Product to redesign the main web site. I created the home page, along with the other pages, and revised based on the feedback from the Zest Health team. Once we finalized the mockups, I completed the front-end development for the site.

Mobile Designs

In addition to the mobile web application redesign, I worked with the team to create new designs for the iOS applications.